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"Faded words, decaying surfaces, peeling wallpaper, and flaking paint - history is richly documented all around us, often in the most overlooked of places"



My work encompasses my interests in nostalgia and the power of time. The effect time has on our surroundings and surfaces, as well as the change and progression caused by its passage are particularly intriguing. It creates beauty in the old and abandoned, and locks history into our surroundings.


The ceramic pieces I make draw inspiration from the notions of ancestry and generations, and from classic interiors and wallpapers.  They are reminiscent of archaeological relics, revealing the past and exposing history.


The ‘vessel’ form is an important aspect of my work. It provides recognition and familiarity, allowing the viewer to identify with the object.


The strength and flexibility of Paper-clay makes it an ideal material to work with. Combining this with layers of print, coloured slips and wax, produces exciting peeled and deteriorated surfaces.


Inspiration...Development of forms...Moulds and printing...The final pieces